Owner and Founder





Soul Tutoring was established in 2014.

The studio is based in Inner West

Sydney, in the heart of Haberfield's

friendly, family neighbourhood.


I'm first a wife and mother, second a

teacher. My family is my heart and soul and the motivation behind my personal and professional goals. My vision was to create happy and educated children and families.


We’re super thrilled to now be able to provide

students with their very own "classroom 

away from classroom." It offers all the fun and magical resources at their fingertips within a safe home environment. We value the minds, talents and all the colours of the rainbow each child has to offer at our home sweet, home school.

We aim to reduce and eliminate any feelings of apprehensiveness or anxiety felt by children within a controlled learning environment. Our child-centred approach fosters students confidence, imagination and curiosity; therefore allowing them to naturally fall in love with the process of learning. 

Rather than a "one size fits all pedagogy," we aspire to identify each student's particular learning style and nourish it in order to achieve their individual outcomes. After all, teaching children to love learning is indeed, a work of heart.