Primary K-6.


Our Philosophy


We believe that the wellbeing of your children and their learning goes hand in hand. Our holistic approach nourishes the whole of the child (mind, personality and spirit) in order to instil the love for life-long learning.


Soul Tutoring values the voice of each individual and caters to their needs and behaviour. We believe that every child is important and that their own abilities make them special. Soul Tutoring encourages academic and emotional growth, enabling children to become independent and confident learners.


Soul Tutoring is not only a highly professional tutoring business, but a truly holistic and experienced educator with the student's wellbeing and learning expectations at heart at all times. I found that my son really enjoyed his sessions. He experienced a sense of success in every class. Soul Tutoring uses different learning techniques to cement the topics. We can wholeheartedly recommend.


Stefania is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and supportive to my kids. She knows how to build their confidence and motivate them through various activities. My kids are always happy with her teaching.


Stefania helped me to improve my grades and made me feel more confident in English. She helped me with homework, assessments and exam preparation. She explains content clearly, making it easy to understand and grasp.


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