How it works!

Part 1: (FREE)

We assess your child’s knowledge according to their respective age and stage to determine gaps, strengths and where to extend. We use both formal and informal assessment tools to attain the data we need whilst allowing your child to feel confident within a casual and supportive learning environment. This includes: instructions, observations, communication, self-reflection and analysis of written work. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with your child as our sole mission is to not only educate the mind but nourish the heart. Happy students equals confident learners.


Part 2:

Based on the data we retrieve from the assessment session, we design specific lessons catered to your child’s needs and best learning style. Session structure essentially aligns with the following stages.


Warm-up: Designed to stimulate cognitive thinking whilst assisting students to make a smooth transition into lesson content.

Modelled/Shared: The lesson objective is shared,  prior knowledge is activated and relevant key concepts or definitions are reviewed in interactive ways (diagrams, discussion, videos etc).

Body/Independent: This active phase allows students to take initiative and responsibility for their learning by appling the skills and strategies obtained in the previous phase. Prompting, guidance and feedback are still inherently provided throughout. 

Plenary: Students make reflections, summarise and review what they have learned, the progress they have made and their next steps to take. Debriefing and consolidation of their knowledge is very significant as it encourages students to gain a sense of achievement and set new personal targets.